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ROAM - Video/17 - Shukura Chapman

words, photos & video by josh yong. This track is definitely a sum of (Shukura's) musical direction and influences, and I love the way that she uses the lead guitar parts almost as a second voice. The guitar lines riff off her vocal melodies, they engage with each other in a conversational manner. The other thing that really strikes me in this performance is the conviction that she carries as a performer. You can see just how much she is enjoying the music, and you can’t help but be drawn in and fully believe that everything Shukura is doing is coming from a place of integral honesty.

The Matinee February 20th

The Matinee February 20th includes 6 new tracks to kick off your weekend. Whether you are observing a holiday today or working these six new tracks will get you moving. We have infectious indie rock, exciting electro pop, soulful roots music and dreamy shoegaze for your listening pleasure.

OFFSTAGE: Q&A with Shukura Chapman - glamglare

Meet Shukura Chapman : born in the U.K., she has lived in New Zealand and is now based in Brisbane, Australia, where she self-recorded her debut three-track EP "Rearview". Aside from singing, she plays guitar and drums and even the ukulele to stunning effect as witnessed on her single "One by One".

Friday Fresh Five #005: Shukura Chapman, LIZ, Blue Velvet, Tia Gostelow...

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Shukura Chapman Rearview

Shukura Chapman EP Rearview out now. by Walter Price I hope I get this geography correct. Brisbane based, New Zealand raised, UK born soulful singer-songwriter Shukura Chapman has just released a new 3 track EP titled Rearview. So many attractive and magnetizing layers about this release. Here are just three.

SONG PICK: Shukura Chapman - One by One - glamglare

Here is another Song Pick of the Day from Australia: Shukura Chapman blends elements of folk, soul and rock into one epic but still intimate piece of music. She plays a ukulele, a guitar with lively drums and percussions and it all fits together with Shukura's standout vocals.

Filmed Interview: Shukura Chapman @ Foundry Records

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The Matinee October 4th

Trying to determine which songs would be featured on The Matinee October 4th edition was immensely difficult. The quality of songs continues to improve. The emergence of a new season tends to inspire people, and hopefully these ten new songs will do that you.

Premiere: Shukura Chapman Starts An Invigorating New Chapter With Single 'One By One'

Life is a journey with multiple chapters, and Brisbane neo-soul songstress Shukura Chapman is today giving us a look at the first chapter of her forthcoming EP with the release of new single Originally written during a period of uncertainty, Shukura says One By One encourages listeners to move on.


Kiwi singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Shukura Chapman releases new EP Rearview at The Milk Factory, Brisbane, with special guests, Sunday September 25, 2016, 2pm. Shukura recorded drums, guitar, ukulele and vocals for her self-produced, selfwritten EP Rearview. "Creating this EP has been a process of growth, reflection and release..."

Exclusive: Shukura Chapman Announces Upcoming Release Of Sophomore EP 'Rearview'

Life is a journey with multiple chapters, and Brisbane neo-soul powerhouse Shukura Chapman is ready to close one chapter and begin a new one with the release of her sophomore EP Rearview, due out 25 September.

A New Record Is on The Horizon For Shukura Chapman

From learning multiple instruments at school, to taking private lessons and playing in bands, music has always been a part of life for New Zealand born, Brisbane-based soul songstress Shukura Chapman . After graduating from acting school in Sydney, Shukura moved to Brisbane in 2014 and began honing in on her music career.

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